Since 2012 BPM-Art Ltd has been one of the largest domestic suppliers of scenery and accessories for film, TV and advertising productions. Recognising the needs of the film industry market he was one of the first to set up a business providing complex services for productions. The proof is our service to more than a hundred movies, TV shows and commercials. In our constantly expanding database of thousands of vehicles, our customers can find option for every need. From initial horse-drawn carriages and carts to period vehicles or unique built ones. It can be rented from any means of transport used on land, water and air.

Our many years of experience in the film industry, our thorough knowledge of vehicles and eras and our wide selection ensure that all our customers have the perfect vehicle for production.

We are striving to provide a full range of quality services to our customers so please contact us, inquire about anything we can provide and we will see if we meet your needs. The vast majority of our work is based on personal recommendation. Please ask us about our customers and suppliers, we are confident in their response.

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What do you need? We will find a solution for all of your rental vehicle types in our database. Vehicles from the beginning to the present days. Carriages, carts, antique and classic cars, cult and contemporary cars, new and second-hand cars, military vehicles, trucks, airplanes and helicopters, ships and watercraft, buses, railway carriages, tractors, motorcycles and scooters, built vehicles, scraps, police vehicles, ambulance cars, fire trucks, hearses, limousines, taxis/cabs, caravans and motorhomes, sport and racing vehicles.

Provided that you are a director, producer, designer or decorator, please contact us so that we can offer you access to our database to choose from to your liking. Thousands of vehicles are waiting for you so that you can make your dreams come true on the movie screen.

We are also available for individual needs. Tell us what you need, contact us and we can provide you with a proper vehicle to any event.




You can register all existing vehicles in our database regardless of style or condition from veteran to present days ones. You may soon see your vehicle on the screen. Please fill in our form and send pictures so we can add your vehicle to our database.

Registration is free and unlimited. We take full financial responsibility for the vehicles used during filming or photography. The personal data provided during registration will be treated confidentially and will not be disclosed nor will it be disclosed to third parties.

Take and send up to four photos of the vehicles as follows:
1. diagonally from the front,
2. diagonally rear,
3. side,
4. interior (front seats, instrument panel).
Requirements for images:
if possible shoot in landscape format,
images should not be larger than 1 MB, use JPG format,
do not use image effects, do not retouch the image,
do not have people in the images, obscure/uncover the licence plate if possible.




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